arnold alcohol beer

A Little Alcohol increases Testosterone – A Bit

So it’s Friday night and the boys are out for a good time – time to end the busy week with a blast; but off course, ONLY after paying their…

bodybuilders stomach classic vs modern

Being BigBad is not all About Measurements – It’s about the Whole Package

Measurements are RELATIVE. Yes, we all want to be Bigger, Stronger, Faster – big chests, big guns, big shoulders, etc. So we train all the way and base our success…

Franco t bar rows

Take your Drop Sets to the NEXT Level – WARNING – Not for the Weak Spirited

So you have been doing drops sets as a way to finish off your main muscle group compound exercises and you have been getting some great results and mean pumps….

negative inlitonics mentzer

The Weaker You are, the More often You can Train – Frequency – The Weakness of Every HIT Program

The rise of the popularity of HIT-style regimen was a good thing: for one, lifters now know more or less that very long bouts in the gym is not really…

real foods how bodybuilders must eat

5 Awesome Ways to Cut Calories without Hitting the Gym

This is a guest post by Cathy, If you want to see your own original articles in AbotLifting then send me a message thru the contact page. Some people get…

big bad lifters
saxon heavy dumbbells

Muscle Wisdom Friday – Build your House One Timber at a Time

“If to a little you keep adding a little, and do so frequently, it will soon be a lot.” – Hesiod, Works and Days (361-362). These are the days and…

memorial day ww2 GI on mokeybars
decline benches by dorian yates

SCIENCE SAYS Dorian Was Right – DECLINE Bench is the BEST Chest Stimulant

Dorian Yates once said that the Decline Bench press is the best mass builder for your vest of pectoral greatness. What he emphasized was that the range of motion and…

fatloss and calorie myth busted

Top Ten Myths About Calories – 7 is my Favorite

Christopher from Healthlisted sent me an email showing an infographic about some top 10 myths about calories. I checked it out and it’s not bad. I actually liked it –…

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