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What Doesn’t Kill you will make you Stronger (and BIGGER) – Your Muscles are Like Saiyans, They Thrive when They “Almost” Die

I still remember the huge banner/poster on the first gym that I lifted on, “Jet” Gym owned by a retired police officer and a family friend of ours, Uncle Jay….

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5 gallons or 40 pounds of water
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Could Guitar Players Lift Weights – Lifting Weights Could Make your Fingers Stiff, What the Hell

Most people will just think of any reason at all why they mustn’t lift weights or have any exercise at all due to laziness. The result is that lifting gets…

correct angle of shoulders when doing overhead press

Quick Fix for Popping and Painful Shoulders – The Correct Arm Angle when Doing Overhead Shoulder Presses

The angle that you set to flare your arms during a bout of overhead shoulder presses is very important. The significance of which holds the difference between injury and longevity….

drago shoulders dragon ball freeza

How to train your DELTS (Dragon Delts)

There are very few things in this world as fascinating as shoulders that seem to belong to a dragon. Shaped like cannon balls hanging from a side to side upon…

bodybuilders stomach classic vs modern

Will The Vacuum Abdominal Exercise Promote Spot Reduction to the Belly – The Great misconception and Why Vacuums are Like Wearing Corsets

Stomach vacuums are a great way to promote a smaller and firmer midsection. But some trainees will get the misconception that I am suggesting that it promotes SPOT REDUCTION to…

dennis wof is bane

Testosterone: As Important as Your Training Regimen

Testosterone: As Important as Your Training Regimen There’s probably not a man alive that hasn’t heard of testosterone. So what does this mean? Are ALL men fully aware of the…

powerlifting bench press niklas jonson

No-Failure 5 by 5 Bench Press – Build Power and Strength Phase

Today we are going to discuss a certain protocol in bench-pressing wherein we won’t strive to reach for failure, but instead we would just concentrate on racking up your numbers…

low carb high carb

Wanna Be Bigger, Leaner and Stronger, and FASTER – Eat Your Carbs

Wanna Be Bigger, Leaner and Stronger, and FASTER – Eat Your Carbs There is no getting around it; we need carbs when we lift. Lately we have been presented with…

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