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Why 200 Pounds can Be Heavier than 300 Pounds – Progress with STRICT Form Before going Heavy

Some people believe that one cannot do any sort of progression without increasing poundage (myself included). This sometimes leads to bad and dangerous form. Although there’s an advantage to hoisting…

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Doing the HOLY MOTHER of WORKOUTS After an Hour of Basketball

Can I get ripped by only doing bench press, deadlifts and squats after an hour of basketball? (a question that someone asked me) My diet is pretty clean. I am…

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A New Way of Doing Heavy-Light Training you Haven’t Tried Before and Why I love it

Is cycling from 4 rep max for X sets to 10 rep max for X sets considered periodization, or is that effectively 100% all the time i.e. overtraining? I understand…

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There’s NO Such Thing as Perfect Symmetry – What to do if the Right Side of my Body is bigger than the Left?

Shoulders, pectoral muscle, arms, face – my right side is larger. My right arm is my dominant hand and is therefore stronger. What can I do to have my left…

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Do you Want to Lose 55 Pounds by December – The Ketogenic Meat and Eggs Diet

Is it possible to lose 55 pounds in a few months? – It’s one of the questions we have answered on Quora; I will share with you our reply to…

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The 3 Species of Weightlifters – Bodybuilder vs Power-lifter vs Olympic Lifter, What’s the Difference

What is the difference between a weightlifter, powerlifter and bodybuilder? I have recently answered this question on Quora and I got a little carried away and it became quite long….

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Question About the Best Way to Do Push and Pull Training Splits – PUSH TO PULL MUSCLE GROWTH CLOSER TO YOU

A reader who we would refer to as “Pete” sent me an inquiry earlier via the CONTACT form and asked about which one of the two sets of regimens I…

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Go for Cholesterol

Another Popular Belief Debunked – Fats Don’t Interfere Protein Absorption, so is it okay to take Fish Oils and Whole Eggs Post Workout

As a resistance training enthusiast, I cannot count on how many times I was advised by “experts” (while munching on my post workout hard boiled eggs – TOGETHER WITH THE…

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The Leg Exercise that No One TALKS About – and They Are Missing Out

Everyone loves a good squat! Why? Everyone loves great legs! When you go to the gym you would almost always run into small chats (I hope it’s after workout) and…

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